"Again! Links Page"
Last updated June 21, 1998

Must- (and Must Not-) Visit Sites
Again! An AIC PageThe best page ever! But then "Again", I'm biased. (P.S. You are already here.)
Dog's Breath:
Official AIC Website
FAQ - Alice in ChainsStart here! A good introduction to Alice and good place to find out where to go for what you want to know.
alt.music.aliceinchainsI rarely see anything worthwhile here. Subscribe to the Angry Chair mailing list instead. (See the FAQ on how to do so.)
unfURLed AIC Page Pretty Good Commercial site with lots o' links.
Down In a Hole Lots of stuff here including polls, chat, pics, news, tabs, lyrics, and more.
Nutshell A great comprehensive site. Check it out!
Hole in the WebEuro AIC site with lots of recent magazine transcriptions
Cold Trade For Warm Sunshine Boot the bootleggers trade those tapes!
Alice In Chains Bootleg Discography Find out what good boots are available; then trade for a taped copy of them.
Grind Covers the making of the Grind video. Bring your bandwidth.

Other Notable Sites (alpha order)
All-Music Guide BiographyBiography with links and simple discography.
Alice in Chains: Grind Them BonesFan Page
iMusic Bulletin BoardBBS
Aussie Angry Chair Page Mainly aims at getting Aussie/Kiwi AIC fans together. Also has AIC MIDI files. Formerly the site of "Kiss The Midget."
Matt's AIC PageStreaming Real Audio song of the week!
Shame In You:
Nadea's Alice In Chains Page
A different "Shame In You" page except this one stole my Session Chronology verbatim without crediting me (where are my lawyers?).
Sickman's AIC Page Fan Page; guitar and bass tabs, album info, pictures, links, etc.
The Rotten AppleFan Page
Wall of Sound Yawn! Corporate America's attempt to make money off what fans do better (for free).
What the Hell Have I?Another Euro Fan Page