Alice In Chains -- a brave, exciting, diverse, and intense new hard rock band on Columbia Records -- is being introduced to the music world courtesy of this special limited edition three-song EP, which will be available through selected retail outlets. Produced by Dave Jerden (who's also worked with the Rolling Stones, Jane's Addiction and Social Distortion) , We Die Young includes two songs from Alice In Chains' forthcoming debut album that will bereleased this August -- "We Die Young" and "It Ain't Like That" -- plus, a special bonus track, "Killing Yourself," that will only appear on this collector's edition EP.

Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Alice In Chains are propelling themselves from a regional club setting to an international spotlight. One listen to the music will tell you why. singer Layne Staley is powerful, his vocal phrasing borders on genius, and he's an expert at intricate lyrical twists. Guitarist/songwriter Jerry cantrell drives this band with a range of wild emotion on guitar in a paced, solid, almost surreal setting. Bassist Mike Starr and drummer Sean Kinney fuel a raging fire that roars.

This is a band that defies definition. It's easy to use words to describe the vibe or the sonic matter, but Alice In Chains is asking you to dig deeper than that. "yes, this isa mind game," says Cantrell. "We like to pull the strings at the right time." it's rock and roll in a completely different environment -- bright yet brutal, vibrant but intense. "I think we're very focused and heavy, but still jagged around the edges." It's an incredible new musical adventure.

Be prepared to experience Alice In Chains. You don't just hear this record -- you feel it on the most visceral level!


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