This is the original press kit for Diamond Lie. I typed it exactly as it appears on the original grammar/spelling mistakes and all.
From the very heart of Seattle and the Ballard Music Bank comes a band to reckon with; DIAMOND LIE. The band has been together in Seattle now for about six months, and has left a favorable impression on most od Seattle's music enthusiasts. Their sleazy, bluesy in-your-face, tough rock 'n' roll is unable to be matched by any other band in Seattle. They bring new life to their cover tunes and put new hope in our local music scene with their originals. DIAMOND LIE's live performances are overwhelming with the electrifying music and the raw attraction of the band. They've already taken Seattle by storm and have created a loyal following; keep an ear out in YOUR town for DIAMOND LIE!

BORN: Aug. 22, 1967; Seattle, WA
CAREER: 4 years

      Taking center stage for DIAMOND LIE is the energetic and electrifying Layne. Layne's experience with various groups of various styles has given him quite a range of vocal capabilities; from the speed metal group SLEZE, to the punchy glam rock of ALICE 'N CHAINS. Layne's versatility and uninhibited stage performance prove him to be a valuable frontman.

GUITAR: Jerry Cantrell
BORN: March 18, 1966; Tacoma, WA
CAREER: 4 years

      The much devoted Jerry Cantrell is founder and guitar ace of DIAMOND LIE. Jerry is the only remaining member of the original DIAMOND LIE line- up, but the transiton (sic) was a positive one. This is his first band, but his natural talent and enthusiasm keep him a precious driving force behind DIAMOND LIE.

BASS: Mike Starr
BORN: April 4, 1966; Honolulu, HI
CAREER: 8 years
      One half of DIAMOND LIE's rhythm duo is Mike Starr, delivering the up- beat basslines in DIAMOND LIE's music. Mike, having previosuly been with other local bands is no stranger to the stage. He has opened for many national acts, those including the Plasmatics, Quensryche, Oingo Boingo, and Missing Persons.

DRUMS: Sean K.
BORN: May 27, 1966; Seattle, WA
CAREER: 15 years
      The other half of this powerful rhythm team is Sean K. on drums. Sean's talent and exuberance are well supported by his years of experience. DIAMOND LIE is his first band, but he's done a lot of studio work with other prominent local bands in the past. Sean's experience, talent, and sheer energy provide the backbone for DIAMOND LIE.

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