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Welcome to version 2.0 of the Alice in Chains bibliography. Good luck finding this stuff! Check back for updates. I welcome any additional releases or information you can provide by email. Oh yeah, all most article's go to the Hole In The Web page.

October 1989BacklashIncludes ad for 10/12/89 show (newsprint)
December 1989BacklashAlice mentioned in "Decade of Northwest Metal" (newsprint)
July 1990City HeatCover feature on AIC (newsprint)
September 1990BacklashCover feature on AIC (newsprint)
October 8 - 21, 1990Metal Hammer (UK)Facelift Album review
November 1990 (Issue 56)Metal Forces (UK)Paragraph in Foundations Forum Concert Review (find date)
November/December 1990Z-Rock MagazineOne page article, early lane photo, Facelift album review (newsprint)
December 1990 (Issue 57)Metal Forces (UK)1 1/2 page article
December 1990RipHalf page article with press kit photo
December 12 - 21, 1990Raw (UK)Short article with cool photo of lane "LA's latest bedraggled boozers"
February 1991Rock Beat2 page article (cool photos)
February 15 - March 15, 1991S.L.A.M. News2 page article (newsprint)
March 1991 (Issue 60)Metal Forces (UK)1/2 concert review
April 1991Rock SceneSmall cover photo; 4 page article lots of pics; Facelift album review
Volume 11Hard & HeavyVideo magazine with feature on AIC
May 1991Hit Parader1 page article; Man In The Box lyrics
June 12 - 25, 1991RawTitans concert review, cool Jerry photo
June 1991Rip4 page article; cool photos, also KNAC concert review with Ozzy
June 1991Faces RocksLayne phot on contents page, 2 page article; Man In The Box lyrics
July 1991Metal Muscle30 pages of Trixter, 1 page of Alice
October 4, 1991Tempo (Seattle Times)Article on Rip party with AIC, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam
February 1993RipJerry interview about Dirt
April 1993Modern DrummerSean interview/article
June 1994Hit ParaderLayne interview/article
August 5, 1994GoldmineGeneral article
April 1995RequestJerry and Sean interview/article
April 1995PandemoniumLayne interview/article
December 1995rocketArticle
February 1996Rolling StoneJerry and Sean interview/article
October 1996GuitaristJerry interview/article
October 1996KerrangSean interview/article
November 1996RhythymJerry interview/article
January 1997Metal Hammer1/2 page article talking with Inez