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Date: November 28, 1992
Venue: La Brique
Location: Montreal, PQ
Opening Bands: Gruntruck, Screaming Trees

  1. Nearly Lost You*
  2. Dam That River
  3. We Die Young
  4. Them Bones
  5. Would?
  6. Love, Hate, Love
  7. Junkhead
  8. God Smack
  9. Put You Down
  10. Sickman
  11. It Ain't Like That
  12. Hate To Feel
  13. Dirt
  14. Angry Chair
  15. Man In The Box

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At this show, Mark Lanegan of the Screaming Trees was ill in the hospital. Layne sang lead on Nearly Lost You with the rest of the Trees. (Thanks to André Morency)


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