AIC chronology

Ram's Head Live
Date: October 24, 2006
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Other bands: Hurt

Main Set:
  1. Whale and Wasp (recording)
  2. Again
  3. Bleed The Freak
  4. Grind
  5. It Ain't Like That
  6. Junkhead
  7. Nutshell
  8. Them Bones
  9. Dam That River
  10. Rain When I Die
  11. Layne Staley video tribute
  12. Don't Follow (acoustic)
  13. Brother (acoustic)
  14. Killer Is Me (acoustic)
  15. No Excuses (acoustic)
  16. Got Me Wrong (acoustic)
  17. Down In A Hole (acoustic)
  18. Sludge Factory
  19. We Die Young
  20. Heaven Beside You
  21. Angry Chair
  22. Man In The Box
  1. Rooster
  2. Would?

Source Format Complete Length Equipment Best Gen Notes
AUD-01 DIG No 93:06 SP-CMC4>SPSB-6>Edirol R1 DIG-M noexcuses17 source, missing Sludge through Man In The Box


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