Mother Love Bone Concert Chronology

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Welcome to version 1.1 of the Mother Love Bone Concert Chronology. I welcome any additional dates or setlists you can provide by email.

87 or 88 Seattle, WA Luna (This was a shoe store on Broadway) Lords of the Wasteland
87 or 88 Seattle, WA Luna (This was a shoe store on Broadway) Lords of the Wasteland
Late 87 or early 88 Seattle, WA OK Hotel
04/28/87 Seattle, WA Graceland
12/16/87 Seattle, WA Vogue (Lords Of The Wasteland)
04/22/88 Seattle, WA OK Hotel
05/02/88 Seattle, WA Vogue
07/04/88 Seattle, WA Vogue
08/11/88 Kent, WA Kent Skate Ring; played with Alice In Chains
08/17/88 Seattle, WA Central Tavern; with Alice In Chains
08/19/88 Bremerton, WA Natasha's
09/10/88 Seattle, WA Central Tavern
04/04/89 New York, NY Cat Club
04/05/89 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
04/06/89 New York, NY Downtown
04/07/89 Baltimore, MD Hammerjacks
04/08/89 Philadelphia, PA JC Dobbs
04/10/89 Detroit, MI St. Andrew's Hall
04/11/89 Cleveland, OH Agora Ballroom
04/12/89 Toledo, OH Roxanne's
04/13/89 Milwaukee, WI Omnibuss
04/14/89 Chicago, IL Thirsty whale (early show)
04/14/89 Chicago, IL Thirsty whale (late show)
04/15/89 Minneapolis, MN 7th Street
04/17/89 St. Louis, MO Hits
04/18/89 Alton, IL Granny's Rocker North
04/20/89 Dallas, TX Tommy's
04/21/89 Houston, TX Axiom
04/22/89 ?? ??
04/23/89 Austin, TX Backroom
04/24/89 Odessa, TX Pan Am Ballroom
04/26/89 Phoenix, AZ Desperado
04/27/89 Hollywood, CA Club With No Name (or 4/29)
04/28/89 Hollywood, CA Club With No Name (@ Probe nightclub)
04/29/89 Long Beach, CA ??, KNAC show (may have been cancelled)
04/30/89 San Francisco, CA The Stone
05/01/89 San Jose, CA Cactus Club
05/03/89 Portland, OR Satyricon
05/04/89 Seattle, WA Oz
06/??/89 Seattle, WA ??
07/04/89 Seattle, WA Vogue
09/01/89 Seattle, WA Central Tavern (maybe 1988)
09/03/89 Seattle, WA Bumbershoot Festival
09/08/89 San Francisco, CA Full Moon Tavern; with Alice In Chains
09/10/89 San Jose, CA Cactus Club; with Alice In Chains
10/??/89 Seattle, WA Vogue
12/29/89 Seattle, WA Paramount Theatre (The Rocket's 10th Anniversary)
01/03/90 Seattle, WA Vogue
01/26/90 Tacoma, WA Legends Club (played with SGM, Talk Is Cheap)
03/??/90 Seattle, WA Central Tavern

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